Extended Coverage

"Proper Prior Planning Prevents P Poor Performance
-old military 7Ps saying

Although every car at Zoom Auto Group is sold with a warranty, you need to ask yourself, "How will I be protected once the coverage expires?". We offer you a wide range of options to choose from: 
Unlimited Milage Warranties,
Lifetime Protections,
Bumper-to-bumper coverages,

as well as protection for
Key replacement,
Tire & wheel packages,
Exterior and Interior Protection

and more.

Zoom Premier Coverage
Click the image to learn more about our Premier Coverage Plan. Why buy a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle when you can add this option, get 3 more years of coverage and save an average of $4000!

Lifetime powertrain
Click the image to learn more about our Lifetime Full Powertrain coverage. This goes beyond engine and transmission protection, and leaves you with a lifetime of peace-of-mind.

Think of the extended warranty like health insurance...
hope you never have to use it,
but be relieved to know you have it if you do need  it.