Step #1

Fill out the form below telling us a little about your car.

Step #2

We will contact you to make an appointment to see your car and confirm the condition.

Step #3

Your car is prepped and advertised along with the rest of the inventory we offer across the internet. We handle all the calls, emails, and meetings.

Step #4

Once we sell it, we'll give you a call to come in and pick up your money (or we can mail it to you).

Consigning Your Car @Zoom

The guide above may seem a bit simplified, but it really is that easy. Think about it... why go through the trouble of advertising, fielding the calls and emails, then meeting up with strangers, to try and find that one person that sees the same value as you. You're essentially signing up for a second job, and take it from us, it's not easy.

Let us help you get your car sold NOW!

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