These are just a some questions we're asked often. Give us a call or email if you'd like to know anything else.

Where Do the Cars Come From?

The inventory we offer for sale is generally a trade-in / lease return or by way of consignment. All of them are inspected to be in good condition, well maintained, and have been cared for. And don’t worry – they’ve all got clean titles! We would rarely is ever touch a salvage title vehicle.
The vehicles in our Zoom Select Program come from manufacturer databases that are made available to select stores, like us, to purchase at a set price before they are offered at auction.

Do You Help with Financing?

Yes. Zoom secures great financing options for applicants through our partners, check out the finance page for more information. We know that dealing with some banks can be a serious speed bump, so we’ll be there to help every step of the way.

Can I Have a Mechanic Check Out the Car?

Absolutely! While all cars listed at Zoom Auto should pass a New Jersey State safety inspection, we are not mechanics so we can’t personally evaluate the quality or condition of the vehicle that you’re buying. Fortunately, there are some great services out there, in addition to your local trusted mechanic, that can give you a greater comfort level regarding the quality and condition of your new ride. Pre-purchase inspections are available at most independent mechanics and generally cost about $100 – you can also access great mechanics through on-line services. Some people like to do this work on their own, but if you want to eliminate all the hassle, our staff are here to help! We can arrange an inspection with the mechanic or service of your choice, or recommend someone we trust – feel free to let us handle the process for you!

Are There Any Transaction Fees For Buyers?

Buyers at Zoom Auto Group will pay a $645 documentary fee (temporary license plate, temporary registration, title reassignment, document processing and handling), and New Jersey taxes (6.625%) if you are a New Jersey resident. The only instance an out-of-state (not a resident of New Jersey) will pay taxes is if you finance through us, in which case it is the tax rate from where the vehicle will be registered. Vehicle Registration fees are only collected if you finance via Zoom Auto Group and range in price depending on vehicle and state ($130 - ~$400). A 30-day limited warranty is bundled with your documentary fee.

How is Zoom Different From a Traditional Dealership?

Zoom Auto Group is an internet based hybrid vehicle exchange venue. Instead of the typical buy-low, sell-high auto dealerships, we offer a service that allows buyers to choose from in store AND nationwide manufacturer databases for vehicles at wholesale prices.

We also offer sellers a means to a fair value for their vehicles without the hassle of selling it themselves whether they choose to consign with us or go for an instant cash offer. Zoom receives the same flat fee from our selling customers regardless of the sales price, so our staff does not care whether you buy a Ferrari or a Ford Focus, only that you have a great buying experience.

Whether you’re buying or selling - we leave you in complete control, while we handle all the work. We can also provide you with services you would find at a traditional dealership such as financing and warranties.

What Should I Bring With Me When Purchasing a Car?

Our streamlined approach to vehicle buying and selling follows through to the check-out process. We aim to have you in and out within 30 minutes or less, unless you want to hang out a bit longer, that’s cool too.

Either way, please bring the following:

  1. Driver’s license – Anyone who will appear on the title and registration will need to bring a driver’s license and sign the paperwork.
  2. Proof of insurance – Call your insurance company and have them add the vehicle you are purchasing to your insurance plan. They will typically need the VIN, and they can email (sales@zoomnj.com) or fax proof of coverage to us at 973-998-8201
  3. Payment – We accept cash, cashier’s checks, or loan checks from your bank.
  4. Supporting finance documents – your sales coordinator will advice what that will be prior to your arrival.

Can I Trade a Car I Still Owe Money On (open auto loan)?

Yes. We can help you close your loan and open a new one for your new purchase.

What if I Owe More Money than the Car is Worth?

We can work with you to get out of your current car and loan and put the negative equity from your trade into the new loan. Since the vehicles are priced so low there is room for the bank to approve the deal.

Do You Offer Shipping?

Yes. We work with a nationwide database of licensed and insurance vehicle haulers. Not only can we help you with setting up shipping, but we’ll make sure you get the lowest price.

Are There Cars at the Store that I Can Buy Now?

Yes. Certain vehicles that are traded into us from the previous owner as well as vehicles that are offered for sale as part of our consignment program are located at the store and can me seen, driven, inspected and purchased as soon as you’d like.

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