How Zoom Select Works

A revolutionary new way for you to find the car of your dreams
without visiting countless websites and stores, dealing with annoying salespeople or even leaving your house!
We search through thousands of vehicles offered exclusively
from the manufacturers' lease return and demo databases, allowing you to cut out all the traditional middlemen.
We are so sure you'll love your new car that we let you test it out for 7 days

Browse through the Zoom Select inventory to get an idea of what you want or give us a call to help out.

We'll discuss each vehicle, going over the exact options and review the inspection report. We'll enable you to make an informed decision, ensuring you get the highest quality at the best price.

As soon as your car arrives we inspect it to make sure everything is exactly as it has been described. Nothing more and nothing less.

Next, we perform any services you ordered as well as a complimentary fluid top-off (that means gas too) and full detail clean-up.

Finally, we provide you with a 7-day guaranty so you can be confident that you got the best car and price possible.

Once we narrow it down to a specific year, make, model and mileage we'll send you emails with options.

After you choose the one you want we send you a Buyer's Agreement. This outlines all the details we discussed, any add-ons you choose, and locks in a final price. Upon receipt of your deposit the vehicle is shipped out to us.

Shipping to us takes typically takes 2 - 4 days, depending on where we find your car. We'll send you emails every step of the way.

When everything is complete, you can come in to finalize all paperwork and pick up your car or we can mail everything out and ship it to you.

Count your savings and marvel at how smart you are for not taking the traditional way to getting a new car.

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Zoom Select Questions

How Can Someone Buy a Car without Seeing it First?

Believe it or not, thousands of people purchase cars from eBay every year. Even car dealers are buying more cars online from the auctions than they do in person. With all the modern advances in technology, it’s never been easier to record condition and have photo backup. Adhering to set rules and principles for grading vehicles’ the automotive world has become transparent with information. By extending that same information to our customers we embolden them to make smart choices when searching for a new car. We’re so sure that this method is better than the traditional approach to buying cars, that we provide you with a 7 Day Buy Back Guaranty!

How Do I Know This Program is for Me?

Ask yourself the following questions and if you answer "Yes" to at least 3 of them, give us a call.
  • Do you hate the idea of wasting your time going to different dealerships, hoping that the car and price you saw online is the same as it was advertised?
  • Will you do anything to avoid pushy salespeople trying to sell you which ever car gets them the best commission?
  • Do you know EXACTLY what kind of car you want to buy (year, make, model)?

What Happens if I Want to Cancel My Order?

The details of the 7 Day Buy Back Guaranty are discussed below. If you simply want to cancel your order after we agree to aquiring a specific car for you then the $1500 deposit we collected is forfeited(not refunded

How Long After I Leave the Deposit Will I Receive the Car?

Depending on factors like where the car is shipped to us from, any cosmetic or mechanical repairs you request us to perform, and if the vehicle is ultimately shipped to you can range from 2 days - 3 weeks. One of our Buying Assistants will guide you through the whole process and give you a very narrow window of time BEFORE you commit to anything.

What if There's Body Damage?

The condition report we provide you and agree to is exact to what you will receive. No more, no less. In the event that something gets past us, we will fix it or offer you a rebate. We are extremely thorough and make sure that we avoid this issue all together.

What if There's Mechanical Problems?

We comb through thousands of vehicles to make sure we are only offering you the finest quality cars direct from the manufacturers. The inspection reports are very detailed – a lot more than what you'll find from just the Carfax report. Any mechanical issue is noted and disclosed. If we discover there is something wrong with the car that was not disclosed in the inspection report, we will return it to the seller.

This problem is extremely rare, which makes it easier for us to offer you a 7 Day Buy Back Guaranty against any mechanical issues you have in those first days! Learn more about our 7 day return policy HERE.

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